Friday, September 04, 2009

Learning How to Trade: A Different Model of Trader Education and Training

* Suppose a blog integrated backtested trading signals with updated market information: intraday sentiment (how large traders are leaning), sector and intermarket themes, relative volume/volatility, etc.

* Suppose a blog integrated teaching and coaching with all the above, structuring learning time before and after market sessions

* Suppose a blog seamlessly integrated input from participants for mutual learning

* Suppose a blog could update real time screening of stocks and sectors to identify what's moving and trending and what isn't

* Suppose a blog could highlight original research based on historical patterns, methods for executing trades effectively, and successful strategies for money management--not just trade "setups"

What you would have is a kind of virtual trading group: a way to move from fragmented "education" to actual training. It would also be a way to overcome the isolation of independent trading and enjoy a level of decision support normally possible only within large trading firms.

Get ready. 2010 isn't so far away.