Sunday, September 06, 2009

Just Do It Differently

Thanks to son Steve for this safari pic of daughter-in-law Lea, daughter Devon, son Macrae, yours truly, and wife Margie. Since the trip to South Africa, I've found myself unusually productive, both in my trading and in other parts of my work life.

It's a reminder that I need every so often that routine is the enemy of creativity. It's when I engage in new activities, talk with new people, visit new places, listen to new music, and sample new cuisine that I'm most likely to brim with fresh perspectives, ideas, and directions.

It's not just exposure to new market ideas that provides the catalyst: any departure from routine seems to open the mental channels. Trading success is closely correlated with trading creativity. We generate the freshest ideas when we're mentally and physically fresh.

Nike urged us: Just do it. My slight amendment: Just do it differently.