Friday, July 03, 2009

Readings and Resources for a Holiday Weekend

* What should I be trading? ETF Rewind is an exhaustive review of ETF performance, with mechanical timing signals, performance of ETF pairs, and much more;

* Excellent
Spanish language site; here is their posting of economic releases for the week ahead;

* Here's a fine resource for keeping up with news reports and fresh blog posts;

* Another excellent resource for catching up with latest posts from popular blogs;

* "When volatility underperforms vs.'s a red flag";

* Phenomenal wrap of the trading day; thanks to a reader for the nudge;

* Are you aware that Stock Twits also has begun a blog network? Some excellent contributors; worth checking out.

* An interesting look at unemployment worldwide;

* Picture worth a thousand words: technical picture looks bearish;

* In case you missed: recent trading psychology posts linked.