Thursday, July 30, 2009

New TraderFeed E-Mail Policy

A couple of months ago, I posted to the blog that I would not be able to respond to the growing stream of emails from traders. (My current inbox is shown above). Basically the problem is one of numbers: if only 1/2 of 1% of readers emails me with requests for coaching, advice, or placement into prop firms, it would take me three hours per day to meet the demand.

Readers are in no way to blame for my predicament. TraderFeed has just logged its fifth consecutive month of record blog traffic, with the number of site readers and page views running double year-previous levels. Twice as much traffic, twice as much email!

Back in May, I thought that highlighting this issue, illustrating the size of my inbox, and posting the new policy in the "About Me" section of the blog would change the situation. It did! Now, instead of simply asking for advice/coaching, readers preface their requests with, "I know you're busy, but..." :-)

So here's the deal: I'm spending today clearing the deck and responding to all outstanding email, including some that is ridiculously overdue for response. From here on in, I will only respond to requests for advice etc. if they're sent to the dedicated mailing address in the Trading Coach book.

I estimate that three-quarters of all questions that come my way are directly addressed in my books and/or in the blog. I'm happy to answer questions about the material in the books, but spending several hours a day responding to questions in lieu of people doing their own reading and Googling just doesn't work.

I deeply appreciate the interest and will be scheduling more live events to provide further guidance, perspective, and training. Thanks for your understanding--



RAW said...

OK by me.

lll said...

Dr. Brett
i don't know how you keep up with it all. thanks for everything. would love to meet you in person some time...but that takes even more of your time! it's a tough dilemma you face. cloning is the only answer i can think of. would love to see some more live events in the future. keep up the great work!


OKL said...


"I know you're busy, but..."

I wasn't one of those, but I can't blame ya Doc, you're doing a brilliant job on the blog and a gr8 job on the books; I re-read them every now and then- the perspective changes from time to time when one's mind and body shifts gear.

Hats off to you Doc!!

*Instead of replying to emails, consider re-arranging the layout of your blog; you must've realized many popular blogs do so by shifting to a brand new website.

But that'll be more work wouldn't it? LOL

Dan said...

I concur, your time is more effectively spent on your public blog as opposed to private mentoring via email. An option would be to not answers to any emails directly but post answers of general interest to blog.


heywally said...

I've always had a 'policy' of not bothering the Doc with email - all (as in, everything you need to know about trading) of the stuff is already out on the blog and if you can't find what you're looking for right away, you're enriched by looking through the rest of the stuff to find it.

abel said...

"when you have a minute, will you take a look at this?"


I can see an assistant in your future!

There is a book written about early Seattle founding notables. It is titled "Son's of the Profits", by William Speidel.

In this account, there is a man that is single-handedly credited with the responsibility of building a railroad line from the waterfront to present-day Issaquah, east of Seattle, to transport coal. It is noted that he routinely accomplished the work of six men.

I think of this story often when reading your blog.