Sunday, July 05, 2009

Evening Briefing for July 5th

* MARKET THEMES FROM THURSDAY - Weakness on unemployment data leads to a downside breakout in stocks; sectors enter bearish short-term trends; new 20-day lows exceed new highs, with significant downside momentum in the broad market. Rates fall on 10-year Treasury notes; U.S. dollar stronger; commodities weaker.

* OVERSEAS/OVERNIGHT NUMBERS - 3:30 AM CT - UK, Bank of England Narrow Money Supply; 7:15 AM CT - Canada, Monetary Reserves.


-- Thanks to an alert reader for this informative article on options-based predictors of stock market volatility;

-- Excellent review of the past market week;

-- Thorough review of economic reports, market action, and what's to come;

-- Challenges of portfolio construction when asset class correlations skyrocket;

-- Trading, the economy, real estate, and more: market themes and links;