Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Trading and Self-Integrity

If you had asked me my favorite song back in my student days, hands down it would have been Roxy Music's A Song For Europe. It isn't easy to turn something like lost love into a thing of beauty, but such is the transformative power of art.

There was a time I would have liked to have been a full-time, very active trader. I worked diligently to position myself for that opportunity and, when the time came, I found that it wasn't what I had hoped for. Something was missing: the something that had brought me to psychology in the first place.

And that sabotaged my trading. The day I realized it was when I found myself chatting with other traders to the point where I was alerting them to great setups--only to then miss them myself! The social contact meant more than the trading.

Ironically, it took stepping away from trading to eventually develop the trading I do now: a very opportunistic activity where I will find one or two very high probability setups in a week and otherwise stand aside and focus on my main work. And had I never stepped away from the old trading, I would have never discovered my own transformative fusion of psychology and trading.

The moral of the story is that trading has to fit into your life; your life can't fit into trading. Be who you are, and you will have the opportunity to become the best trader you can be.