Friday, November 13, 2009

More Good Ideas to Finish the Week

* What predicts whether coaching will work or fail?

* This is *very* good advice: keep going to the well until you see it's dry;

* What are your five rules for life? Thinking those through is a good exercise. Here are mine, by the way.

* Excellent post re: the non-confirmations that popped up at the most recent market highs;

* Stock market facing limited upside, given recent historical pattern;

* A look at the major indexes: Russell 2000 continues to show notable relative weakness;

* Thanks to a sharp reader for recommending this article on intuition and scientific method in health care, an issue quite relevant for trading;

* Jamie Dimon on ending "too big to fail";

* Looking for more hiring in 2010;

* Outlook for holiday retail sales: consumerism has come to an end.