Monday, November 16, 2009

TraderFeed Twitter Post Update

I'll be working with traders in Chicago all week, which means that I'll be following markets closely and seeing if we can make the most of intraday moves.

While I may not have time for full blog posts as markets are moving, I will try to send out alerts via Twitter if interesting developments present themselves. These alerts are meant more for decision support than as actionable signals in themselves. Many will focus on intraday sentiment (NYSE TICK, Market Delta) and the evolving structure of the market day (trend, range, breakout, reversion), as well as the behavior of key sectors and correlated asset classes.

For those interested, the last five tweets appear on the blog page under "Twitter Trader". Alternatively, subscribing to the Twitter feed is free via RSS, and you can follow the stream on my page. As always, I appreciate the interest.