Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend Reading

Here are bigger picture ideas that might stimulate some weekend thinking. Thanks to all who attended the Chicago seminar; thanks to Trevor Harnett for making it happen.

* A Must Read: Long-Term Budget Outlook for the U.S.

* Excellent Post on Concentration of Political Power: Banks and Washington

* Budgetary Implications of Proposed Health Care Reform

* Worthwhile Observations on U.S. Dollar and Where It's Headed

* Collection of Coaching Ideas for Traders

* High Frequency Trading Indeed! Two Percent of Trading Firms Account for 73% of U.S. Equity Volume

* Charting Buy and Sell Pressure in Spreads

* Which Currencies are Overvalued

* Application of George Lindsay's Work to the Current Market

* China's Stimulus Might Be Working Too Well