Thursday, July 30, 2009

NYSE TICK: A Look at Buying Sentiment in an Uptrending Market

One characteristic of trend days to the upside is that the NYSE TICK--the number of NYSE issues trading on upticks minus those trading on downticks--will persistently stay above zero, with many readings greater than +800. That shows that institutions--those that trade the baskets of stocks that will tick up or down in unison--are leaning strongly to the buy side. We see that so far in today's market, as we've yet to get a single TICK reading < -500.

In an uptrend day, the pullbacks in TICK to negative territory tend to be short lived and can be excellent short-term buying opportunities. Also in uptrend days, the moving average of TICK (green line) will tend to stay above zero (blue horizontal line) throughout the day.

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