Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Live Chat With Dr. Brett Tomorrow

One of my favorite blog sites over the years has been The Kirk Report. Charles Kirk does a yeoman's job of finding informative material on the Web. He also tracks market action and offers members to his site considerable insight into his own stock screening and trading. One particularly valuable feature that he offers members are Q&A sessions with well-known traders and investors. When you see people with a mere fraction of Charlie's insight and experience offering "education" and "training" at hundreds and even thousands of dollars, you can't help but feel that, at $50.00 per year, membership in his site is one of the screamingest bargains around.

So one way I can recognize and pay a little back for all that good work is to offer members of The Kirk Report a free live chat tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:00 AM ET. Members not only participate in the chat, but suggest questions for me to address. The markets will be trading then, of course, so I may make some comments about those in real time. Here is the URL for the session; you can also sign up for a reminder.

Should be fun; hope to see you there--