Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Preview of the Chicago Trading Seminar

Friday's seminar will focus on reading the psychology of markets, drawing on lessons learned from professional traders. The session has filled up, but keep an eye out for a posting of the PowerPoint slides from the seminar. Here are some of the topics Trevor Harnett of Market Delta and I will address during and after the live trading portion of the program:

* How can we use information regarding volume trading at each price to infer shifts in market sentiment?

* What does it mean when we see stocks trading mostly on upticks, but volume in ES trading predominantly at the market bid?

* What is the opening range for stocks, and how can we use it to infer market direction early in the trading day?

* How can you use volume--within bars and across them--to infer market sentiment?

* How can you identify dominant themes for the trading day?

* How can we infer market psychology from how we trade around the day's pivot and target points?

We'll be conducting a webinar on these topics as well later in the year. Stay tuned!