Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trading Views From Across the Blogosphere

* Money Flowing Out of Financials - The above chart shows new price lows in the S&P 500 financial sector (XLF), as we see lower peaks in four-day money flows over the past few months. Note how flows have largely stayed below the blue zero line, indicating more money coming out of the sector than flowing in. Weakness in this sector has been an excellent tell for daily market direction in the large cap index.

* Finding Your Edge - This linkfest outlines some of my favorite resources for trader development.

* Themes and Perspectives - Bear markets, recessions, and the inflation threat; great links from Kirk.

* Market Views - Trader Mike finds overhead resistance in AAPL and a change of character for the recent market.

* Ideas and Insights - Trading big market declines, rise in dividend cuts, a sickly economy, and more from Abnormal Returns.

* Momentum Goes Away - Crossing Wall St. finds no edge to buying after up days in the market.

* ETF Themes That Are Working - More worthwhile perspectives from Jeff Miller.

* Seek and Ye Shall Find - An investment blog search engine from Mebane Faber.

* Undercapitalized? - Research Recap looks at banks and their capitalization.