Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Themes and Thoughts to Start a Tuesday

* Sentiment Shift - We saw considerable bearish sentiment at the March lows, as the above chart of the five-day equity put/call ratio indicates. More recent readings have been closer to levels seen at recent relative tops in markets. Interestingly, I see a meaningful correlation between these sentiment data and traffic to this blog: a tell that is becoming quite useful.

* Detecting More Market Themes - A warning about banks from FDIC, performance anxiety among hedge fund managers, dividends in jeopardy, ETF updates, and more from The Kirk Report.

* Hitting Resistance - Trader Mike notes a couple of moving averages that are acting as resistance areas for the major averages. Double top in the Russell?

* Themes and Themes - Abnormal Returns finds still more, including emerging market risk, actively managed ETFs, and a Fed on hold.

* Interpreting the Data - A Dash of Insight is doing a great job cutting through the fog of coverage of economic data. I find the nuclear theme quite interesting right here.

* Weakness Among States and Cities - The Big Picture tracks an important theme, as economic weakness affects states and cities and passes through to the economy.

* Keeping Up With the Blogs - Newsflashr updates headlines from the financial blogs.

* Stocks Making the Screen - Chris Perruna offers his recent choices.

* Recognition - Nice to see Brian is getting good reviews of his recent book on technical analysis.

* After a Big Down Day - Quantifiable Edges finds...an edge!

* Training the Brain - Thought-provoking interviews with neuroscience experts from Sharp Brains.