Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cutting Back on E-Mail

Dear Readers,

As I mentioned in a recent Twitter posting, I've been receiving an unusually large amount of email of late. With the demands of going on the road to work with traders (you can see from the time stamps of my recent posts when I've had free time for the blog and Twitter), it's been very difficult to keep up with the mail.

To put this in perspective, if we just assume that 1% of readers email me each day and that each mailing requires just a few minutes for reading and response, I'd be spending the better part of two hours a day answering mail. That estimate is not far from the mark, particularly if I include mail from other sources, including traders I work with (who require lengthier responses) and idiots with their breathless offers of advertising, free services, additional site traffic, link exchanges, and the like.

So, to get the new book written and bring a modicum of sanity to life (not to mention find time to actually trade these markets!), I'll be cutting way back on emailing. Please don't be offended if I'm limited in my ability to respond to requests for coaching advice, introductions to trading firms, indicators/trading systems, and similar topics that are more than requests for information or clarification. It's not out of lack of interest or concern; it is simply a function of my limitations, given the work I do, my family obligations, the blog, and the book I'm writing.

As a rule, if the email runs for more than a paragraph, it's probably requiring a level of response that won't be possible for me. On the other hand, I'm only too happy to answer questions about posts, share links/ideas, and point readers in useful directions to get help.

Thanks as always for your understanding!



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