Friday, June 20, 2008

Insights Ahead of a Quadruple Witching Friday

* Minor Milestone - TraderFeed recently recorded its 1,500,000th visit; thanks again for the interest and support.

* Great Resource Collection - Check out the back issues of the Breakout Bulletin from Michael Bryant. If you subscribe (free), you'll get the latest article on volatility-based exits. Mike is a systems developer with some excellent ideas.

* Congrats - To 10Q Detective's David Phillips for getting banned from message boards. Such is the welcome given to a financial blogger and journalist who digs beneath the surface and offers unique perspectives on stocks and companies. Great site.

* Measuring Trend - The Trade by Trend blog looks at how to measure a trend. Personally, I like regression lines and goodness of fit measures. That gives you slope and directional consistency. I like how the Trade by Trend site puts their trade ideas out there for readers.

* Good Reads - Trader Mike links several worthy themes, including prospects for a market meltdown and the impact of the subprime crisis on bank profits. See also the excellent links in The Kirk Report, including a list of overvalued stocks, lowest NASDAQ P/E stocks, and top opportunities in large caps.

* Options Views - Daily Options Report finds a "pathetic" level of fear in the market, even as we test March lows in a number of indexes. See also the options volume and volatility in the regional banks, which have been hammered lately.

* Viewing and Reviewing - StockTickr notes the benefits of finding new edges from a review of old trades.

* It Gets Worse - Information Arbitrage notes the dilution faced by shareholders of bank holding companies.