Friday, May 09, 2008

Worthwhile Readings to Kick Off the Weekend

Self-Efficacy - It's difficult to achieve something if you don't experience yourself as capable of achieving. Thanks to trading coach Doug Hirschhorn for pointing out this excellent Wall St. Journal article on self-efficacy. Here's one of my posts on self-efficacy and why it's important, and here's my favorite framework for building self-efficacy.

Range Markets - I recently wrote about how to identify slow, range markets. Today, Trader Mike's favorite indicator of range markets was quite helpful as the day wore on.

Learning How to Trade - This is just a great post, with quite a bit of wisdom and experience from Globetrader. There's a lot to be said for learning how to trade by learning how others have learned.

Good Reading - Kirk links the best investments of the decade, the case for the end of the housing crisis, and more. See also his review of a website resource that tracks sector rotation and more.

Building Expertise - While we're on the topic of learning to trade, thanks to an alert reader for pointing out this blog entry on deliberate practice. Here are some implications for trading.

Credit Crunch Goes to School - Research Recap notes the crunch in student loan issuance.

Chop, Chop - Quantifiable Edges notes the chopfest, but finds a pattern in the noise.

Links Galore - Looking for more links? Abnormal Returns links the linkfests.

Beating the Market House - Suppose there was a market indicator that had a stationary distribution and that was significantly associated with price behavior. The distribution need not be normal; it would only need to be stable over time. In that event, the search for trading edges would be very similar to card counting in blackjack. Just a thought... ;-)