Friday, May 16, 2008

Free Trading Resources You Might Not Be Aware Of

* Market Data - A wealth of data can be found on the Online Wall St. Journal site. Also check out news and data from Reuters.

* Researching ETFs - ETF Connect offers broad coverage and excellent summaries of the various ETF alternatives.

* World News - Here's global news organized by feeds, an excellent feature assembled by NewsFlashr.

* Stock Picking Resource - StockScouter from MSN Money is an excellent research tool.

* Creative Charts - The StockCharts site features market carpets that summarize performance across markets and drill down to individual sectors.

* Tracking Markets - The Barchart site enables you to follow currencies, energies, financials, and more.

* Global Financial TV - You can watch Bloomberg TV from around the world by going to their site and launching their video player from the left hand tool bar.