Monday, May 26, 2008

Readings Worth Reading for a Holiday Monday

* Dark Side of an Economic Miracle - China's exploding growth has brought explosive problems with pollution at a great human cost. I highly recommend Nicholas Kristof's blog for a variety of international perspectives from a ground's eye view.

* What You See May Not Be What You Get - Trader Mike makes the case for looking under the hood at your ETFs.

* Most Promising ETFs - A Dash of Insight takes a look at top performing sectors and themes.

* Themes and Links - Why cash flow is king, top performing brokers, and more ETF views are among Kirk's most recent links.

* More Good Views - Why understanding value in a price-oriented trading universe is helpful and more perspectives from Abnormal Returns.

* Size Matters - CXO Advisory summarizes fascinating research information that relates the size of companies to their stock returns.