Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Few Resources to Prepare You for the Market Day

* Morning Twitter - Thanks to readers who have emailed re: their use of the Twitter posts as a help in preparation for the trading day. The last five posts appear on the blog under the heading "Twitter Trader"; the full set of posts can be found on my Twitter page (which is also where you can subscribe for automatic updating). Each AM I post market indicators, including new 20-day highs and lows across the major exchanges and figures for Demand (index of number of stocks with strong upside momentum) and Supply (index of number of stocks with strong downside momentum), as well as the percentage of SPX stocks trading above their 50-day moving average. By tracking these numbers from day to day, you can gain a feel for whether the market is strengthening or weakening in the short-term. I also link important news stories via Twitter to identify themes impacting markets and send out a heads up notice for upcoming important economic reports. These items are part of my daily market preparation, and I hope they can be helpful for you as well.

* Looking for Stocks in Play? - That may be another part of your morning preparation. Trader Mike's watch lists each morning summarize market-moving events and stocks on the radar. He also offers swing trade candidates.

* Ideas for Shorts - Charles Kirk posts a simple screening idea for stocks that may be overextended. See also his morning posts that are helpful in preparing for the trading day, including a list of stocks rising and falling pre-market.