Sunday, May 18, 2008

End of Week Review: Blogosphere and More

* Easing Crisis - Gold is sometimes a safe haven during periods of perceived crisis. Note the spike in gold price as stocks made their March lows and the selloff in gold as stocks have steadily moved higher. So far in 2008, stocks and gold seem to be traversing opposite paths.

* Fewer Planes in the Sky? - The excellent 24/7 Wall St. site, which tracks company news and developments, notes the start of a possible trend: airlines grounding their planes to save fuel.

* Following a Trader's Thoughts - The itrade4real site offers some trading wisdom, but also tracks trades and ideas about markets in real time.

* Dr. Brett in an Upcoming Documentary - I'll be interviewed this week for a film documentary on the psychological aspects of trading, to be aired on the France24 television network. I hope to pass along a link once it airs.

* Free Webinars - Here is a session sponsored by Market Delta, describing how tracking the volume at bid vs. offer on any time frame can assist short-term trading decisions. If you missed it, here is my webinar session on trading the psychology of the market.

* Stocks to Watch For - Brian Shannon posts his long and short candidates, along with their respective charts. It's a nice application of the principles in his new book.