Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What Resources Have Helped Your Trading?

Once again, I'm going to tap the collective wisdom of the readership to see if we can generate a very useful post for developing traders. (By the way, I also want to express my appreciation for the feedback regarding trader strengths. I will be back from my road trip with traders tomorrow and will synthesize that feedback into a post for self-assessment).

This time I'll ask readers to offer their comments to this post by recommending the trading books, websites, and other resources that have been most helpful to your development. Please send in your ideas as comments to this post (not as emails to me), so that everyone can benefit from your insights.

My own list of trading resources can be found on my Trader Development page and also as a resource list at the end of my book on trader performance. You may have also noticed that there are certain blogs and sites that I particularly like, generally because these unique and useful views of markets and market themes. Some of these include:

* Abnormal Returns
* Bloomberg
* Financial Times
* The Big Picture
* The Kirk Report
* Trader Mike
* WSJ MarketBeat

But what do *you* find helpful? Books, sites, blogs: you name it. In my response to reader suggestions, I'll add a few of my own, including some favorite books. My hope is that, by sharing resources, we can help each other get to that proverbial next level of performance.