Monday, October 29, 2007

Update of Technical Strength and Other Thoughts to Start the Week

* Market in Balance - Of the 40 SPX stocks that I track across eight sectors, 13 qualify as technically strong, 15 as neutral, and 12 as weak. This Technical Strength measure is a quantification of short-to-intermediate term trending. The Technical Strength Index, a summary of trending across the 40 stocks, is a neutral +240--an improvement over figures from earlier in the week. The figures show a market with mixed strength. Very technically strong stocks include AA, MCD, PG, MO, KO, MRK, and MSFT. Relatively weak issues include CMCSK, BA, HD, LLY, and C.

* Technical Strength by Sector: Here are the eight SPX sector groups that I track and their Technical Strength Index scores. (Here's how the sectors looked last month). Perhaps anticipating economic slowdown, it appears that investors are favoring consumer staples. I'm surprised that energy stocks aren't stronger:

Materials: +180
Industrials: -180
Consumer Discretionary: -100
Consumer Staples: +320
Energy: +60
Health Care: +60
Financial: -80
Technology: +100

* Market Updates - Here are some good readings from across the blogosphere. I also have posted readings via Twitter:

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Have a great start to your week!