Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trading Gold and Other Topics on the Thursday Radar

* A Short-Term Model for Trading Gold - Brilliant post from MarketSci builds on a TraderFeed observation and turns it into quite a trading model. I'll comment further in a separate post. Fantastic work.

* Market Themes
- Accelerating dollar weakness, a flight to safety among Treasuries, and record oil prices.

* Terrible Idea for a Terrible Reason - Markman on the bank bailout. I'm currently reviewing his new book manuscript; looks very good.

* Top Five Yielding Stocks From a Prince - A view from StockPickr; perhaps what a number of sovereign funds are looking at, as they watch U.S. assets become cheaper thanks to the dollar.

* Charles Kirk Interview - Here's the link to the transcript of the Stocks & Commodities interview; check out his ideas on screening stocks.

* "The Crowd Has Yet To Panic" - Ritholtz on housing: no end in sight.

* Consumer May Not Be Down and Out - Gallup survey on holiday spending prospects.

* Disaster as an Investment Strategy - Thanks to a reader for the heads up on this New Yorker piece on Nassim Taleb.