Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Top of the Mind for Wednesday

* I've been increasingly interested in the topic of reasoning differences among successful and unsuccessful traders. My next post will examine surface vs. deep technical analysis, looking at TA vis a vis its depth of reasoning.

* Bill Gross and Seeking Alpha on the Fed's priorities over the next few years and what that could mean for interest rates (and the dollar, I might add).

* The Kirk Report covers a range of topics in its links, including a view of why we might be headed for the worst recession in 25 years.''

* Trader Mike's updated links include worthwhile perspectives on trader discipline and volatility patterns in stocks.

* Abnormal Returns returns with more fine links, including a view of why newsletter pundits are not impressed with the market's recent rally.

* A Dash of Insight into why risk-reward, not just reward, is important for traders and investors.

* Adam Warner reviews a new text on trading value in range bound markets.