Friday, October 26, 2007

Making Use of the Twitter Trader Feature

As most readers are aware, I'm posting comments throughout the day with the Twitter application. Indeed, in the few months since beginning the Twitter posts (called "Tweets" among Twitter devotees) I've already logged in over 1100 comments.

I try to group my comments in sets of five, so that the most recent Tweets will always appear on the blog home page. The full set of comments are available on my Twitter page and also can be delivered automatically via RSS subscription.

Most of the Twitter entries fall into one of three categories:

1) Early morning observations to prepare for the trading day, such as economic reports due out, how international markets are behaving, breakout levels, etc.

2) Tweets during the day regarding interesting articles and blogposts that I come across, as well as comments about the markets as they're trading.

3) Summary notes after the market close that summarize my major market indicators and whether we're seeing greater or reduced strength and momentum day over day.

Increasingly, I'll be using Twitter to outline trading plans for the day based on market themes and the various indicators. Over time, I'd like the "blog within a blog" to be a way to help traders think about markets both before and after trading hours.

Thanks, as always, for the interest and support.



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