Monday, August 06, 2007

What I'm Reading on a Monday Eve

* Growth Stocks Have Become the New Value - Interesting perspective from this Bloomberg article, with some worthwhile stockpicking implications, as growth and value are now priced similarly. May be one reason NASDAQ stocks have held up relatively well during the recent market weakness.

* Best and Worst Performing Stocks of the Year - This article from Seeking Alpha and Bespoke highlights winners and losers. One surprise is the number of energy stocks on the losers. I first began to notice money flows leaving energy stocks (XLE) as we were making market highs. They have seen net outflows since then.

* Fine Updates From Mike - I routinely check Mike's site for link updates; he seems to catch the interesting ones. Note the link to Google's Canada finance portal. Eventually, we can expect similar portals around the world, providing international perspectives that, in the past, were relegated to the pros.

* Fear in the Marketplace - Abnormal Returns tracks themes in the decline, including yield curve re-inversion, the tendency of assets to correlate strongly during times of risk aversion, and more.

* Trading Coach Interview - StockTickr interviews Toni Hansen; she touches on how to keep trading journals. StockTickr has added quite a few reporting features to their service, including the ability to track performance vis a vis risk and expectancy. Good stuff.

* Making Sense of the Credit Mess - The Big Picture passes along graphics that illustrate the credit process--and where it can break down.

* Perspectives on the Fed Meeting - The Daily Options Report looks at views on the Fed, the decline, and more.