Thursday, August 09, 2007

Using the Intraday Twitter Comments

I've received a number of positive responses regarding the intraday Twitter comments on the blog. These have been my attempt to add observations to the market as trade is occurring. The last five comments appear on the blog home page and can be updated simply by refreshing the page. The complete list of comments appear on my Twitter page; interested traders can subscribe to my Twitter feed and receive updates automatically.

Gradually I've been formalizing the comments, and this will continue this coming week as my coaching work with traders (and writing commitments) expand and keep me from the screen. What this will mean in practice is that there will be Twitter comments after the trade that summarize major indicators and what they mean, and there will be Twitter comments before the trade that summarize overnight developments and implications. The goal of these post-market and pre-market comments will be to help traders prepare for the coming trading session. Look for a blog post on the topic of "preparing for the day's trading" to come shortly. That will explain in detail how to utilize the Twitter content.

I will then update Twitter on an intraday basis (preferably midday) as best I can given my increasing work (and phone work) with traders, travel/writing schedule, etc. The goal will be to provide decision support for traders--an intraday blog within a blog. I welcome comments on the comments, as I attempt to make this feature as useful as possible. Thanks for your interest.