Friday, February 26, 2010

Wisdom and More to Close Out the Week

* My checklist for preparing for the trading day;

* Five of my guiding principles;

* Thanks to Ms. Tavakoli for link to this article on the role of banks in the crisis in Greece;

* Great success advice; thanks to a reader for the pick up;

* Trading wisdom from Dr. Seuss;

* Credit to an alert reader for this article on humor and pattern recognition;

* Thoughts on durable goods numbers;

* Increasing focus on sovereign debt risk;

* Very interesting perspective: how government might deal with debt without inflating.


Conchero said...

your last link on inflation from MS appears to be no longer valid today. here's a better permalink:

Radek Dobias said...

To cap off Friday's readings, I would only add an article about another activity that may increase one's health and productivity:

Would this be positively correlated with successful trading too? :)