Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Key Reads for a Tuesday Eve

* What's your coping style?

* Steps for improving how you cope with stress;

* Anticipating sovereign debt defaults;

* Sobering look at Japan and its prospects;

* Thanks to a sharp reader for the link to this story on touch and emotion;

* Volatility contractions lead to big moves and more good readings;

* Props to an alert reader for this story on team success: choosing winners, not necessarily the best players;

* Deflationary pressures still present;

* Greece not alone among countries with debt problems;

* "Current employment levels are incongruous with servicing existing levels of household debt.";

* Why the upcoming jobs number could look bad.

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sdfsdfsdf said...

Japan pays its foreign debt in its own currency, and has huge foreign reserves to cover it anyway (unlike the third world, for example, who are easily screwed), allowing us to distinguish the current rather futile ideological economic warfare from bona fide fiscal crisis.