Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mid-Weekend Reading

* Predisposed to stress: Much of an anxious temperament is hard-wired;

* Thanks to an alert reader for these nuggets of fireside chat wisdom;

* A sharp reader notes this study of perceptual bias among chart readers;

* Debt levels in the U.S. are courting instability;

* Stages of a trader's development; nice post;

* Consciousness as Wi-Fi for the brain, which might explain why impairments in consciousness affect decision making so profoundly;

* Should a bank holding company in the U.S. be making investments in China, when no other such company is permitted?

* Excellent weekly summary of economic data;

* No end to the unemployment situation in sight;

* China's grab for natural resources makes oil a buy;

* Investing in Latin America with ETFs;

* Editor's Picks at NewsFlashr: Nice selection of latest blog postings.