Friday, October 23, 2009

Views to Start the Weekend

* Questioning v-shaped recovery;

* Turning defensive on municipal bonds;

* Problems with devaluation of China's currency;

* Seven banks today closed and taken over by FDIC--106 failed banks so far;

* Formula for a housing scam;

* Trade war continuing?

* Dangerous collapse in USD unlikely.


Adrian Martinez said...

Hey Dr. Brett!

Thanks for ALL your Knowledge and Ideas you share on this site! I have and will excel, because of your kindness and compassion for Die Hard Traders that enjoys Futures Trading and can see Freedom down the Road!

Lets try some psychology now, its more like advice, that I just realized now while checking out the links. You should try opening a new tab instead of opening the link on the same tab - sometimes I find myself enjoying your recommendations - that I forget about your blog!

This was a Procrastinated message (Not the Advice) - that I should had written 2 years ago!

Thanks Again Brett!

StockFiend said...

Hey i just wanted to stop by and say thanks for all the great posts and information you always include. I have learned a lot from reading your blog daily and intend to continue so i can hopefully be as savvy as you someday! Thanks again and good luck and trading to you.

Adam said...

Brett ~

Thanks for the link to more fun weekend reading.

When I opened the link to, "Formula for a housing scam;" in which Professor Richard Green describes how easy it is to rip off an FHA program...

... one that is essentially a liar-loan issuer of sub-prime debt underwritten by taxpayer money ...

... I couldn't help but laugh when noticing that on my other screen the front page of the NY Times was showing these two headlines simultaneously:

"Tax Credit Lifts Home Sales to Two-Year High"

"Home Tax Credit Audit Shows Abuses"

I guess the program is working.