Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trading Journal Resources

Keeping trading journals is an excellent way of tracking performance, evaluating strengths and weaknesses, and setting goals for development. Here are a couple of resources that might be helpful for traders looking to become more organized in their quest for the next level of performance:

* StockTickr - This application allows traders to keep a journal, calculate performance, and even automate trading ideas;

* Stock Trade Journal - This application allows traders to enter trades, calculate P/L, keep notes, and track their performance;

* TradePerformance - This application produces extensive performance reports regarding one's trading and also includes templates for business planning and journaling.

It's worth looking into many different journal formats to see what works best for you. Some people keep audio journals by dictating their notes. There is no one best way to keep a journal; the key is keeping entries doable and informative, so that entries can lead to concrete goals and actions to improve trading.



Matt Fahmie said...

Don't forget TraderDNA. To my knowledge, this is the most comprehensive and convenient way for an active trader to log trades. Their support has also been very helpful. Any reason in particular you did not include it?


Severino said...

Derek from WindowTrader did a great job on putting together
some resources as well.

Steve said...

I developed a Forex trade journal for myself that is available for download. I use it daily to plan and archive my trades.


KatharineHudson said...

Matt -

I have also heard good things about TraderDNA.

Getting Started with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) - Hudson Financial Soluctions

Greg Thurman said...

Don't forget about the "spreadsheet" users. When designed correctly, they can be a very easy and effective way to journal and track your trading performance.

As the creator of the: Trading Journal Spreadsheet, I have created spreadsheet trade-tracking performance tools for all market traders.

They can be seen at

Greg Thurman