Friday, September 18, 2009

Dr. Brett Passes the Plate

Well, you know the coaching business is getting slow when...

Actually, the first time I posted this (quite a while ago), someone did ask me for the location of the church seminar. Go and figure...

Anyway, I posted several posts on trades and trading patterns today. That's something I'll be doing more of in coming weeks.

It's part of TraderFeed Plus, a premium service I'm starting. The new, elite service will have material relevant to actual trading practice; the free site will get everything else. You'll find the content wedged between as many banner and display ads as I can sell.

Yeah, right.

But, if you'd really like to contribute to the site and keep me out of bingo halls, consider guest writing a post that illustrates one of your favorite trade setups or a recent trade that you've learned from. Keep it concise: you can email me the text, attach charts in .gif or .jpg format, and I'll edit, upload to the blog (with full credit to you and a link to your site, if you have one), and add my own comments.

If it brings a little attention to your work and site, and if it can be mutually educational, that sounds like a win-win. Each one teach one: now that's a premium service.

Have a great weekend--



Matt Fahmie said...

What a great idea!

SSK said...

That sign is a hoot! What email address would you like to use? The one in your book? Thanks for the great insights during the day! Best, SSK

SpartaChris said...

I am totally going to take advantage of this! I'll try and cut my posts down as I tend to do one post on my blog that more or less recaps what I saw throughout the day. But yeah, excellent idea!

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Thanks for the interest! The AOL email address on the blog site (in the "About Me" section) will work fine. Just put an appropriate header on the email. Look forward to sharing juicy insights!


abel said...

I can see it now, white hairs sittin' at fold-up tables at the church hall, with laptops instead of bingo cards, and trading instead of bingoing, and the whole affair being moderated by yours truly!

I think you may be onto something here.

David said...

I look forward to contributing. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

GD said...

That's a good collaboration for our learning Dr. Brett. Will send a trade of mine if I find it educational. Thanks you.

MrBigHit said...

awesome idea, look forward to sending some trade ideas in the soon ~

Steveo said...

Dr Brett,
AS much as you rock, I have to admit that the price is right. However I will say a resident of Chiacgo between 1981 and 1998 I learned a little bit about CBOE and Pizza. I learned that my best skills are in solar energy, contract manangement, and trading a bear market.

Michelle B said...

Such delicious snark! I am replete (for the time being as my daily quota for snark is immense).

I remember you invited guest posters several years back, and you were disappointed/surprised that very few accepted the invitation. I hope it will be different this time.

It's a great idea and can be implemented (somehow). It needs to be done in such a way that it does not involve even more work for you. Perhaps if you can get a stable of trusted contributors, they can have direct access to publishing the drafts, which you can then edit and annotate further. That what I did at Trader Mike's years back. But he uses wordpress which is more flexible than blogger.

Also, some of the would be contributors may be shy because of not knowing how to add on images/charts.

I will be focused on moving for the next month, so I will not even think about contributing for the moment. When the dust settles down, then I will re-evaluate.

tradersd said...

hey dr. brett!! do u want daytrades only on the es or can we contribute daytrades in other futures markets or individual equities as well??

BalaB said...

Very exciting stuff.

Not to sound lame but while reading the most recent Rolling Stone magazine, I came across an interview with "Little" Steven Van Zandt. When asked (paraphrasing) what it was like when he and the band played together, he replied:

"....I guess we're different this way but its not a big deal for us [laughs]. It's normal for us to play. Everything else in life is weird. I wish the rest of my life was as easy, orderly, satisfying and successful as when we play."

To develop a skill that I can speak the same of, has been my goal for longer than I can remember.

My gut tells me the premium service has the potential to be something invaluable.

Charles Upton said...

re: "elite service"...sounds good, I'm down. Do you take paypal? ;-)


DreamJOBZ said...

Dear Brett, G'day

I have sent my idea to your mail ID. It is break-out strategy.

Be Awesome,
Raj, DreamJOBZ
Raj . DreamJOBZ @ gMail . Com (no space)