Saturday, April 19, 2014

Turning Learning Into a Learning Culture

One of the occupational hazards of trading can be isolation.  Even within trading firms, portfolio managers and traders can operate in silo mode.

As this post notes, there is much to be said from building your own learning culture.  That means, not only learning from your successes and failures, but also leveraging learning by reaching out to likeminded traders and benefiting from their experience.

The goal is to accelerate the learning curve and fuel creativity.  Fresh inputs from the right colleagues can turn your efforts at improvement into a shared learning culture.

Identify who is already sharing their work:  when someone is continuously innovating, they are not threatened by the idea of sharing innovations. Those are potential teammates.  Just one fresh conversation a week with the right people over the course of a year can get the idea factory working at full capacity.  That sounds like a best practice worth turning into a best process.

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