Sunday, April 27, 2014

Taking a Hard Look at Your Life Outside of Trading

I enjoyed Bella's post on becoming a nanny trader.  Nothing quite so imparts perspective as time spent with the little ones.  When our family lived in Syracuse, I brought the kids to school and a morning ritual was going out for breakfast together.  A small thing, but it started the day on a note of connection and togetherness.

It's difficult to sustain overconfidence when you have little ones who manage to thwart your every grand parental design.  It's also difficult to go too far in the dumps when you come home to bundles of love.

The best way to weather the stresses of trading is to have a rich and full life outside of trading.  If P/L is all you have, you've set up a life that, at times, you'll need to escape from.

A sound trading process is one that also addresses how you renew yourself outside of trading.

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