Monday, April 21, 2014

On Growing One's Thoughts in a Garden

A walk through a plant exhibit at the very impressive New York Botanical Gardens with the Spec List group and friend/mentor Victor Niederhoffer led to reflections, fresh market research, and this post to Daily Speculations

It was thinking about plant-based folk medicine, the difference between pre-scientific thought and anti-scientific thought, and ways in which early technical analysis was similar to pre-scientific investigation that led to renewed efforts to find strict, mathematical expressions for support and resistance.  After hours of work, I arrived at a beta formulation that adds value to the historical studies I run.

The key was looking at support and resistance as verbs, not things:  processes, not static levels.

In seeking stimulating settings and surrounding ourselves with the right people, we can find new sources for combinatory play and fresh market thinking.  Routine is great for efficiency, but it is breaking routine that can make us more effective.

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