Monday, April 21, 2014

Readings and Resources for the Market Week

Many thanks to readers who offered their best practices resources as comments to this post.  If you scan those comments, you'll see quite a few worthwhile sources of information and perspective.  It only takes one or two, added to your routine, to make a meaningful difference in your generation of ideas.  Per the quote above, fresh information sources create fresh internal conversations.  Exposure to divergent views is a great way to build cognitive flexibility and creative insight.

In the spirit of facilitating fresh internal conversations, here are several additional fine reads:

Excellent proverbs from Tom Wiswell, courtesy of Daily Spec.

*  Really excellent example of a structured method for finding trade setups from Trader Hacks.

*  Thanks to an inspirational portfolio manager for this piece on Einstein's thought process.

Worthwhile crowdsourced favorites from Abnormal Returns.

*   Excellent macro blog takes a look at selling EURUSD.

*  Mathematicians take a hard look at a commonly cited seasonal tendency of the stock market.

Have a great start to the week.  I'll be posting market preparation via StockTwits:  @steenbab.