Thursday, March 06, 2014

Victor Niederhoffer as a Manager of Intellectual Capital

Shout out to oilprivateer, who commented on the post concerning a different kind of proprietary trading group.  His point was that Victor Niederhoffer's Daily Speculations site has been serving as an exchange of intellectual capital over many years.  I could not agree more.  In 2000, a visit to Victor's office served as the inspiration for my becoming much more empirical in my approach to trading, emphasizing the testing of trading ideas.  Over the years, I have observed countless examples of his mentorship with developing young speculators.

Here's a good example of a meal for a lifetime from Daily Spec;

James Altucher, on what he learned from Victor;

Education of a Speculator, a book that I've found has influenced many successful traders; 

Thoughts from Victor on being wrong;

Further Reading:  The Epistemology of Trading.