Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Insights and Perspectives Across the Financial Web

Here are readings and sites you can sink your teeth into:

Shoutout to Financial Juice, which has a running scroll of financial news and world developments.  The site includes a calendar of upcoming global economic releases and latest pivot numbers from Pivot Farm, as well as links to webinars.

Consistently the best and greatest number of links to financial media come from Abnormal Returns, including this recent curation that shows how high yield bond spreads have retraced their crisis move higher.

A treasure trove of valuable market ideas in the papers posted by Henry Carstens.

Deep insight from Marcos Lopez de Prado into what makes high frequency trading distinctive--and it's not speed.

Nice perspective from Howard Lindzon:  "If you can’t understand the catalyst that will move an investment in your favor, you are the catalyst of someone else’s profit."

Great perspective from FinViz:  What sectors you were in over the last 3-6 months has really made a difference.

Mathematicians fight back against fraudulent investment advice; great resource site.