Sunday, March 23, 2014

Readings and Resources for Starting the Week

Reading really is else could we benefit from the ideas and inspirations from people all over the world at all periods of written history?

Here are some good readings and resources for starting the week:

*  Here's a blog from the PriceSquawk site on the advantages of hearing price action rather than watching it.

*  Quantifiable Edges on how the market would be trading now if it weren't for Fed meetings.

*  A look at the relative performance of financial shares and lots more financial links from Abnormal Returns.

*  Upcoming Battle of the Quants program and a worthwhile session on avoiding overfitting data.

*  Nice visualization of commodity performance for the week from FinViz.

Interesting trading strategies tested out by MarketSci.

Quite a compilation of quant-oriented posts from The Whole Street.