Sunday, March 02, 2014

Fresh Perspectives for the Week Ahead

Here's some interesting reading to take us into the new week:

*  Insightful New York Times article outlines how positive thinking about markets is associated with poorer returns and how positive thinking in our personal lives can lead to suboptimal outcomes;

*  Derek Hernquist offers a unique perspective on decision-making with trading tripwires;

*  Frank Zorilla on the significance of low volume rallies

*  The importance of being data-driven and other great links from Abnormal Returns;

FinViz map shows that world-wide performance of equities was a bit mixed this past week;

*  Alphatrends reviews the market week; interesting to see gold, real estate, and oil leading the pack in year-to-date returns;

*  SMB on using time frames to determine how far winning trades can run;

Excellent backtest engine from paststat;

*  Technology seeming to dominate social sentiment recently on StockTwits and to the bearish side;

*  In case you missed:  Becoming successful means tapping into the ingredients of the success you're already experiencing;

Have a great start to the week!