Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What Is The Ideal Trading Environment?

Suppose you could craft the perfect trading environment. What would it look like?

* Would you be trading solo or with a group of compatible traders?

* Would there be teamwork between yourself and others? What would that teamwork look like?

* Would you have access to special software, hardware, and decision support tools? What resources would you ideally want to have?

* Would you have dedicated support in your ideal environment? What would that support consist of: teaching/mentoring, coaching, programming, analytical assistance, idea sharing, camraderie?

* How would your ideal environment be laid out? Who and what would be in your space? What would your screens look like?

* What information would you be tracking in your ideal trading room? Where would this information come from? How would you access that information?

These are some of the things I find myself thinking about lately.

Most of all: How does your current trading environment differ from your ideal? How does that difference impact your performance?