Friday, September 18, 2009

Dr. Brett Passes the Plate

Well, you know the coaching business is getting slow when...

Actually, the first time I posted this (quite a while ago), someone did ask me for the location of the church seminar. Go and figure...

Anyway, I posted several posts on trades and trading patterns today. That's something I'll be doing more of in coming weeks.

It's part of TraderFeed Plus, a premium service I'm starting. The new, elite service will have material relevant to actual trading practice; the free site will get everything else. You'll find the content wedged between as many banner and display ads as I can sell.

Yeah, right.

But, if you'd really like to contribute to the site and keep me out of bingo halls, consider guest writing a post that illustrates one of your favorite trade setups or a recent trade that you've learned from. Keep it concise: you can email me the text, attach charts in .gif or .jpg format, and I'll edit, upload to the blog (with full credit to you and a link to your site, if you have one), and add my own comments.

If it brings a little attention to your work and site, and if it can be mutually educational, that sounds like a win-win. Each one teach one: now that's a premium service.

Have a great weekend--