Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Webinar Update and a Few Wednesday Notes

* Tomorrow's Webinar - Here's the link for registering for tomorrow's Webinar, held after the market close and sponsored by the Institute for Auction Market Theory. Quite a few people have written to me, asking if the Webinar would be archived for those who aren't able to attend the event live. This is always my preference, especially in deference to those in Europe and Asia who are likely to find the time inconvenient. I just received word that the session *will* be archived; I'll post details once the link is up.

* A Portfolio of Blogs - Thanks to the Currency Trading site for this rundown of top trading blogs in various categories. There are quite a few I'm not familiar with and will check out as a result.

* Many Thanks to Readers - Who have forwarded links to interesting articles to me recently. I try my best to scour the Web (though Kirk leaves me in the dust!), but can't possibly get to everything. If you happen across an article about trading psychology or markets that is unique and informative, do send me the link at the email address posted in the "About Me" section of the blog. Also, if you know of unique trading websites and blogs, trading software, or other tools of value to traders, do pass those along to me. I keep the blog non-commercial, but always enjoy passing along resources to traders.

* Lots of Talk - About how interbank loan rate problems may impact the Fed. See also the LIBOR woes entry in the WSJ's Real Time Economics blog. Meanwhile, downgrades of subprime debt continue...and continue to weigh on markets. Hat tip to Barry Ritholtz for highlighting this informative piece on how the subprime situation developed.

* More Consumer Woes and Impact - Mish tracks soaring credit card losses and Calculated Risk updates estimates of housing losses.