Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Few Sites to Check Out

Video Reviews of Market Action - Those of you who enjoy Brian Shannon's work may have noticed that Blogger shut down his site as part of a review process concerning possible "spam blogs". This once happened to me and can take quite a few days to remedy. In the interim, you can find Brian's review of Friday action--and his other posts--at this blog URL.

Drinking From a Fire Hydrant - If you want to immerse yourself in market data and information--including much of the information most relevant to hedge fund portfolio managers--then check out the Between the Hedges site. Gary reviews his portfolio performance and gives his perspective on the markets. He also links a tremendous amount of news and market data. Fantastic site and resource.

Understanding Volatility - The VIX and More site does contain valuable trading information regarding the VIX (the topic of my next post), but there is More indeed. Bill has been covering the topic of implied volatility, including sector-specific implied volatility. Using options markets to understand sentiment in the broad stock market is quite helpful, and there are some gems in this site.

Mentorship Blog - Ray Barros is one of the very few trading coaches/mentors who actively trades and follows markets--and who freely shares his perspectives on markets and trading. His Trading Success blog contains a number of worthwhile lessons, including this one on trading and new experiences.