Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Few Thursday Thoughts

* Tracking Adverse Excursions - This is an excellent post worth thinking about. Henry Carstens has tracked the average amount a position taken at the market close will move against you by the close of the next day. You'll see why the current market has been challenging for traders and investors alike.

* Imminent? - A number of observers are predicting Middle East war. See also this perspective from Stratfor.

* Economic Realignment? - Given the new oil and gas boom in such places as the Dakotas and Western Pennsylvania, as well as a farming boom worldwide, the commodity bull market is creating a new set of economic winners and losers, as well as a new set of winners in the stock market.

* Commodities in a Weak Economy - One analyst sees weakness among industrial commodities, but strength among those linked to the US dollar.

* Thanks - To those who have passed along congratulations regarding the recent Business Week accolades.