Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tracking Intraday Sentiment and Other Ideas for a Fed Day

* Growing Pessimism
: Here's a five-minute chart of the CBOE put/call ratio for Fed day on Tuesday. Note how the ratio expanded going into the announcement, but really took off as the afternoon progressed, reflecting growing bearishness. This was a nice tell for the afternoon price weakness across the stock indexes. Combining the intraday put/call ratio with the TICK provides a helpful view of sentiment shifts.

* Reaction to Fed Decision: Charles Kirk has compiled a variety of views. See also his most recent links post, including Fed perspectives.

* Trading Sentiment: Jeff has some interesting ideas regarding sentiment-based trading.

* Recap: Trader Mike recaps the wild Fed day and finds trendline breaks and violations of moving average lines.

* Tuesday Insights: Abnormal Returns finds worthy posts on sovereign wealth funds, momentum trading strategies, and a longer-term variant of the VIX.

* Gratitude: Nice to see Alvaro's thoughtful post on gratitude and happiness picked up by Huffington.

* Online Filing Systems: Interesting compendium of resources for organizing your files. I use Mozy for backup; love it.

* E*Trade Insight: Todd Chalem offers a unique view of Citadel's rescue of the online broker.