Friday, December 21, 2007

More Market Views to Start the Weekend

* Shrinking Volatility - VIX and More offers some valuable enlightenment re: the recent drop in VIX.

* Should You Play Bubbles? - CXO Advisory, with an excellent summary of research on whether it pays to trade or fade bubble rises in the markets.

* Trading IPO Opportunities in China - Chris Perruna offers the latest opportunity to come down the pike.

* Link Shopping - Adam Warner has been shopping the blogosphere and has come up with a bagful of worthy links, including several more VIX perspectives.

* Time to Stop Feeding on Monsanto? - Excellent analysis from 10-Q Detective questions the valuation.

* Fading the Gap and Trading the U-Turn - Corey does a nice job of illustrating some intraday trading patterns.

* Excellent Quote - This one from Jon Hilsenrath in the Thursday WSJ: "Think of a bicycle with a broken chain. You can use lots of oil to grease the chain, but you can't make the bicycle move again until the chain is repaired. The chain that links borrowers and lenders in the mortgage market looks broken. And it's probably going to take a lot more than the grease of easier money to fix it."