Friday, December 07, 2007

Technical Strength and Other Ideas for Week's End

* Technical Strength - We continue to see growing technical strength among the 40 S&P 500 stocks in my basket. These are among the most highly weighted issues in eight sectors; the technical strength measure is a quantification of their short-intermediate term trending. At present, we have 5 stocks qualifying as weak, 1 as neutral, and 34 as strong--a huge change from just a little while ago. The Technical Strength Index is a very strong +1500. This very much fits with the data I sector strength that I recently posted.

* Stock Picking Inspirations - The Kirk Report's latest links include a number of stock picking posts, including a perspective on high-yielding portfolios.

* Innovation, Complexity, and Crisis - This and other insights from Trader Mike's link updates.

* A Better Bet - Abnormal Returns finds more good market perspectives, including a better ETF for oil prices.

* Market Change? - Adam Warner finds volatility reverting to complacency.

* A Different Look - Eddy offers an alternative perspective on employment.

* Weekly Wrap - Larry Nusbaum summarizes the week that was in links.

* Triangulation - Corey tracks consolidation pattern in gold.

* Stock Screening - Chris Perruna shares his strategies.